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  • White
    Black or African American
    American Indian or Alaska Native
    Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
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  • Home Address

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  • Church/Minister/Pastor
    College Fair
    Employer or Mission Organization
    GIAL Admissions Counselor
    GIAL Alumni
    GIAL Campus Preview Day
    GIAL Cooperative Program
    GIAL Faculty or Staff
    GIAL rep came to my high school
    GIAL website
    NOT IN USE-Evangelical Missions Quarterly
    Promotional Publication
    Urbana Mission Conference
  • By procedure, all GIAL students are admitted as non-degree seeking students. Once a plan of study has been submitted and approved, GIAL will recognize a student as being enrolled in a particular degree program.

    I affirm that all information requested on this application is complete and accurate. I further understand that an omission or misrepresentation of facts on this application could result in my immediate dismissal from GIAL. I understand that items submitted as part of my application, including the application fee, are non-returnable.